My dearest husband Rim, you were too good for this world.

Rimantas Pranas Saulys 

14/1/1958 - 19/12/2011

just 53 years old.

You left so many people behind who adored you - you were carried to the pearly

gates on a wave of our love.

Thank you to all of you who supported Rim and I through these devastating

and difficult times. 

I miss him so much... never wanting to let go... wondering why on earth I had to, what's it all for?  

He looked at me and I felt safe and loved.


Rim passed away at home in my arms on Monday 19/12/11, where I had nursed

him through a ferocious and valiant battle with Pancreatic Cancer.  He remained at home until his funeral

service, that was held here - at our Farm in Longford  on Wednesday 21/12/11 before

I drove him to the Chapel for private cremation on Thursday.  Rim was home on Friday

23/12/11 to be with us in time for Christmas and the New Year.

if only I could hold your hand ... just one more time...


 I will share a few photo's below of his farewell, our Friends, Family & Maremma

 Livestock Guardian Dogs were our escort for Rim's final drive around our farm.


Rim's casket is placed onto the old Landcruiser he loved so much, friends and family

 were encouraged to pick flowers from our garden to place in with Rim.



beginging the final journey for Rim around the farm  followed by family and freinds.  


 Our Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs, most of whom Rim & I rescued, accompanied us on the farm journey.



some of them led the way, others followed alongside. 


family & friends followed


I paused here to gather some wild flowers for Rim, they are the same small pink flowers we all wore at our wedding in Golden Beach some years before, I had never seen them growing on our farm before - until this final day. We were the first people on record of being married at Golden Beach too. We liked to do things our own way -full of meaning and memories for us.

Our wedding day at Golden Beach - complete with tiny pink flowers in Rim's button hole.

Our kids & me 

Our family and friends who shared Rim's final earthly day.


I drove Rim to the Chapel in town.


Proud Sons.



 R.I.P my love. I think you will fit in up there but will be sorely missed down here.



your setting sun.


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Today on the 19/12/12,  

The first anniversary of loosing Rim, I returned to Golden Beach were we were married and spent many happy years together, a day spent in peaceful reflection with 2 of our dogs.

I will never stop missing you love.