In 2007 I took 3 of our working Maremma to the Million Paws Walk held locally in Sale, Gippsland.  They behaved so well that this year I decided to take all 7 of our Maremma and once again they behaved so well and took all of the days activities in their stride.


So this year with the plan to take 7 large Maremma on an outing, the task of getting them there was the next step.  So a few modifications to the horse float, centre barrier and mattresses on the floor, chains to keep them secure and were loaded up ready to go !

On arrival at the walk, John & Bonnie take a minute to sit and let the dogs take in their new surroundings.

So here is, Scout, Penny, John, Lance, Boy, Nanook, Bonnie, Pan & Razzo.

and then there were 9 Maremma as mum and a friend arrived with theirs.

John is handing out Rescue cards to people interested in our cause, so a great day to promote Maremma rescue and raise awareness of the Maremma in general.

We all had a really enjoyable day and even made front page of the local newspaper!