~~*~~ OUR FARM PHOTO's~~*~~

A birds eye view of our 100 acre farm in the Gippsland Tablelands of Victoria




Our first sunrise at Shrimani Farm.  The beginning.....


The Maremma love to swim and play in the dam, seen here in flood after a rare heavy down pour.      


Taking a bag of hay to the cows, with Lance, Boy, Chloe & Nanook.


Lance, Razzo, Penny, Rim, Dodge, Maddie, Scout, Nanook & Pan having a rest down by the dam.


This is Penny, she just loves to dig holes, caves and tunnels. I'm sure she has missed her calling as a landscape gardener !


Boer goats - had to sell all but 7 of them due to the drought.

(we kept the 2 old girls)


Now meet the Brats !  Aptly named for their devious minds and outrageous behaviour, never a dull moment with 13 bottle raised orphan kids.  Here they bounce on their very own trampoline while playing dodge ball.


Now it's time for a slide, so jump up on the drum, run along the shed roof then slide down the plank at the other end


 yippeeeeeeee, this is so much fun !


Dinner time at last !!  All that fun sure works up the appetite!

And now meet some cows

Here comes Lance with his long tail of calves.

The darling Jersey girls having a picnic on the lawn.

This is my most special girl, 'Mrs Mac'...(left) aptly named as she was purchased from the chopper market, destined to become a meat pie.  She was the first cow we bought when we moved to the farm 8+ years ago, and has since produced 5 healthy calves and contributed to the raising of many others, her first farm born daughter here. 'Sprout', had just given birth to her first calf, Mr Bean and she has since had another calf this year.  So from one wonderful old girl we rescued, we now have a total of 7 Jersey cows of her blood line.

and here is Mr Bean at 18 months old...and he's just all bull !!!


Here is another of our rescue cows, Bess, proudly raising 4 babies that she just adores as if they were her own.


...and when the drought hits, it takes with it every blade of grass and almost every dollar you have to feed them....and changes the look of the whole farming landscape.


On a brighter note,  with Nanook, Penny and Scout when we participated in the Million Paws Walk fundraiser .  They were just so well behaved.


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