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Updated 4/12/14         

Below are some photos of the poultry breeds we used to have, the photos are left here for your viewing enjoyment only as I no longer keep poultry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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Here's our little incubator "BROWER TOP HATCH" (USA brand) hard at work hatching chicks.


60 egg Hexbator from Planet Poultry, fertility testing Shrimani Farm eggs.. 58/60 hatched. great little indubator. (& great eggs !)

And our latest in incubators, I imported 2 Eyle 3 incubators from China.

264 egg capacity each, 88 egg setting each week. The maiden run hatched on 10/12/09, with 85 out of 88, hatching!

 and here it is hatching eggs... !

 I have both of them hatching today 28/12/09  plenty of chicks out so far from both incubators, worth the investment !

Have just hatched another 175 assorted chicks from 190 eggs ! (9/1/10) 


Two little Orpington chicks 8 hours old.

Some of our young chickens, 2010 hatched.


 Here at Shrimani Farm, we use heated towel rails as warm brooders for large numbers of chickens we currently have 7 brooders this size set up and full of young chickens. 



(Pen 1)

(non standard colours with some lovely chicks resulting pen 40 below, are hatched from eggs from this pen)

Salmon Faverolles Hens

(Pen 2) 



(Pen 3)

rare breed, as seen here http://www.rbta.org/silver.htm


(Pen 4)

Pekin X Frizzled Pekin

(Pen 5)



(pen  8)


Large Barnevelder X Frizzle X Layer

(Pen 9 )



Bearded Silkies

(pen 10)


This is the latest addition to Pen 10, she is just adorable !

Frizzled Houdan Rooster with Crossbred Crested Hens

(Pen 11)


Buff Frizzle Rooster X assorted Pekin X bantam hens.

(Pen 12) 


"Hattie Hens"

These are my buff crested Frizzle Bantams born and bred here .

(Pen 13)


(Pen 14)

Large White Leghorn

(Pen 15)



(Pen 16) 

Rhode Island Red

(Pen 17)



Black Silkies

(Pen 19)



(Pen 20)


White Silkie

(pen 21)



(Pen 22)

Buff Sussex 

(pen 24)


(Pen 26)


White Wyandotte Bantams

(pen 27)

Partridge Wyandotte Bantams

(Pen 28)



Bovan Goldlines 

                                                                                                                (Pen 29) 

Coronation Sussex 

                            (Pen 32)                               


(Pen 33)


Buff Crested Pekinx

(Pen 34)



(Pen 35)


Large Black Australorps

(Pen 36) 


Light Sussex

(Pen 37)



(Pen 38) 


Assorted Silkies

black with gold hackles

(Pen 39)


Bred here at Shrimani Farm, for Lacing/Barring effect,  a works in progress! These Orpingtons are hatched from eggs laid by Pen 1 Orpingtons, Large birds!

(Pen 40)

Salmon Faverolles

(Pen 45)


Large Black Australorps

(pen 46)

Buff, Blue/Splash Crested Pekinx

(pen 48)


Buff Orpingtons

(pen 50)




                                                                                                     Polish Frizzle


                                                                                                              (pen 51)


(pen 52)



The beautiful Pekin Roosters in pens 26, 35, 49 & 52 are from Annie's line.

Annie also used to sell fertile Pekin eggs in a large variety of colours. 

link below for photo reference.




Some of our Muscovys, the blue's are just lovely !

some more of our Muscovys

This is Roxy with her 9 new babies !

Roxy is a little bit special, The Maremma look after her so well, and it's not their fault she came inside and they had to follow !

...and what's a mother to do but teach her babies the ropes !


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