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**Dorper Wether's For Sale** 

I have several Dorper Wether lambs for sale, large well grown lambs 6+ months old, friendly and ideal for small blocks as lawnmowers, come when called to bucket, no shearing required, all sheep will be drenched, vaccinated and NLIS tagged prior to leaving the farm.   $100 each. Ongoing support offered if required, local delivery can be offered for petrol money. 




Assorted chicks hatching in 288 eggs incubator and in the brooder shed below.

Heated Towel rails make ideal brooders for large numbers of chickens 

now that light bulbs are so hard to come by.



I have a HUGE selection of free range Guinea pigs for sale...from $8 each ALL SOLD THANK YOU.

They are excellent to have free range to keep long grass down between chook pens, where the lawn mower doesn't quite fit, they keep mice and rats out of the feed sheds as they clean up any spilled feed so vermin & wild birds aren't attracted to the area bringing in diseases of their own.

They are safe to have around your poultry... and are just adorable to have wandering freely around as they come out to graze in the late afternoon. They are used to chooks, turkey's, dogs, cats and ducks....everyone has to play nicely at Shrimani Farm !


We would like to welcome "Dibbles" to Shrimani Farm, he flew down from Queensland with

 his owner to come and live with us.  So far he had fitted in perfectly.  Seen here, 

second from the left with a few of our others as we head off around the farm.